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Well, it’s time again. Most of my USB flash drives are gone. Somehow these flash drives behave like socks. Overtime they just disappear and nobody knows where they go.

So it’s time to refill my USB thumb drive pool with fast, not too expensive USB data sticks (not too expensive because they very likely will share the fate of their precursors).

Sounds like an easy task, doesn’t it?

Well, maybe. Maybe I take this too serious but to make a good decision I would like to focus on just three criteria: measured read speed (MB/s), measured write speed (MB/s) and price per GB (€/GB). A complete list for current available USB flash drives containing just these three criteria would make me happy and I could decide for a product in a second.

The problem is: Even after some research I couldn’t find a page that allows easy comparison of sticks combining my few criteria. They either list price/GB OR speed and/or didn’t let me sort the list. It’s easy to find the cheapest jump drive and it’s easy to find the fastest device (there are lots of reviews out there) but what I want is a data stick that isn’t too slow for a reasonable price (as I have to buy quite a few of them).

Maybe I wasn’t patient enough to find the right website, maybe there isn’t such a site out there or maybe I am just the only one who would like to compare and select USB flash drives this way but I couldn’t find the perfect site to solve my problem.

For now I ended up in using which comes pretty close to what I am looking for as their “value” rating factors in speed/price/capacity. Unfortunately there is no price/GB column so one can neither see nor sort by it. And the really good looking list seems to be limited to 99 preselected products. Even the filter seems to only apply to those 99 products.

So I just sorted the table by value, looked for the first doesn’t-bother-me-if-I-loose-it-price (which was 15€ in my case), found the “SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 32GB”, checked the reviews at amazon and bought a bunch of them 🙂

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